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Forum rules
  • The forum rules indicated below are binding on all forum participants without exception.
  • The rules of individual forums are in addition to the general rules of the forum.
  • The administration reserves the right to change the rules without notice.
  • Additions and changes to the rules take effect from the moment of their publication.
  • Any registered user can create topics, but topics are moderated weekly to meet the forum description.
  1. It is forbidden to use names (login, name), signatures containing profanity, website addresses, e-mail, etc. for displaying on forums
  1. Publish knowingly false information.
  2. Use obscene language and / or rude expressions (including in disguised form).
  3. To insult someone directly or indirectly, to express disrespect and / or to be rude to forum participants.
  4. Create messages that violate the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  5. Advertise in goods, signatures or avatars any goods and services without special permission of the forum administration.
  6. Post the same topic or post in different forums.
  7. Create topics with questions answered in the FAQ topic.
  8. Create new topics with titles that do not reflect the essence of the problem or question.
  9. Have a conversation on "free topics" (flame), create topics that are not relevant to this forum, or send messages that are not relevant to the topic under discussion (offtopic).
  10. Publish links to unlicensed commercial software (warez), cracking programs (crackers) and key generators, as well as copyrighted materials (books, music, video, etc.).
  11. Create messages that do not carry a specific semantic load in the context of the topic under discussion (flood).
  12. Create messages containing "author's" speech, specially made mistakes; maliciously disregard the rules of the Russian language.
  13. Create in the signatures links to sites that do not meet the forum topics.
  14. Create messages in CAPITAL or Uppercase and lowercase letters ("THIS IS THAT SIZE"), excessive selection of text in order to attract attention with bold, italics, underlining, different from the standard for forum messages color, font, font size.
  15. Unauthorized moderation. Those. when a forum member who is not a moderator of this forum makes comments to other participants.
  16. Discuss penalties made by a moderator or administrator.
Not recommended:
  1. Write transliteration, as it is inconvenient for reading. There are methods that can translite transliterate into Cyrillic. You can familiarize yourself with such methods on this page. The administration reserves the right to close topics in which users constantly write in transliteration and ignore this paragraph of the rules.
  2. Create avatars and signatures on political or religious topics. The administration reserves the right to remove such avatars and signatures after notifying the user through Personal Messages.
  3. Create posts of political or religious content. The administration reserves the right to delete such messages without warning.
  4. Create signatures in any language except Russian and English. Users of the Russian-language forum should understand what the rest of the forum participants are writing. English is considered an international language. The administration reserves the right to delete such signatures after notifying the user via Personal Messages.
  5. Raise the topic repeatedly if the answer to the question has not been received in a timely manner. In the case of repeated raising the topic with messages such as "up", this can be regarded as a flood.
General Provisions:
  1. Before creating new topics, be sure to use SEARCH . FAQ Perhaps what you want to ask has already been discussed on the forum. So you save valuable time for yourself and others.
  2. Try to write correctly. Check written messages before sending them.
  3. When writing a message, avoid excessive quoting. This makes it difficult to read the message and overloads the topic.
  4. Personal correspondence in a common topic is considered offtopic. For personal correspondence there are Personal Messages.
  5. Avoid copying the voluminous materials of any web pages. Better publish links to these materials.
  6. If you have nothing to say, it’s better not to say anything. No need to write messages just to check in.
Administration and Moderation:
  1. Administrators and moderators have the right to edit, transfer, close, and delete posts and topics that do not satisfy the rights ilyam forum.
  2. Administrators and moderators have the right to preferentially interpret certain clauses of the forum rules in the case of statements about the presence of a double meaning in such clauses by the user.
  3. The actions of a moderator can be appealed only to the administration of the forum and only through Personal Messages.
  4. The decision of the forum administration is final and not subject to appeal.