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This Policy applies to personal data provided by buyers and users of services Advertising Agency Hermes (hereinafter referred to as users) in connection with the provision of services, or in any other interaction, which is accompanied by a link or other indication of the validity of this Policy. For example, in connection with the use of devices and accessories, Internet sites (including mobile), games, music and in the process of rendering other types of services offered by Advertising Agency Hermes (Hereinafter - Advertising Agency Hermes), Usually in electronic form. Personal data is also provided when interacting with Advertising Agency Hermes In the process of providing technical support to users, warranty service, user participation in promotions and campaigns. Advertising Agency Hermes May post additional or modified provisions of the Policy. Such provisions shall prevail over this Policy in the event of any discrepancy between them. Products and services Advertising Agency Hermes May contain links to websites of other companies and other services of third parties that have their own privacy policies. Advertising Agency Hermes Is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any such services. By using the website and/or by providing Advertising Agency Hermes Personal data, the user agrees to the processing of his personal data for the purposes and in the ways provided for by this Policy. The procedure for collecting, storing and destroying personal data

The collection of personal data is carried outAdvertising Agency Hermes solely with the knowledge and consent of users in order to provide access to services, such as: purchase of goods and services on the site, warranty and additional services, participation in advertising campaigns and promotions, loyalty companies. Advertising Agency Hermes takes the necessary technical and organizational measures of information security in order to prevent information leakage and minimize such risks. Such measures include: the use of firewalls, anti-virus tools, placing storage media in secure server centers, encryption, translation of network addresses and hiding the internal structure of the network Advertising Agency Hermes, deploying appropriate systems and procedures for managing access rights. To protect against accidental loss and / or damage to personal data, data backup is used. Personal data is stored until the termination of the company. The maximum storage period for personal data is 75 years from the date of their receipt from the user. The destruction or depersonalization of a part of personal data, if allowed by a material medium, can be carried out in a way that excludes further processing of this personal data while preserving the possibility of processing other data recorded on a material medium (deletion, deletion).
Blocking, destruction, depersonalization of personal data is carried out for the reasons provided for by the current legislation, the Commission of the Company. Confirmation of the execution of actions to block, destroy, depersonalize personal data is an Act drawn up by the Commission of the Company as part of authorized persons.

Advertising Agency Hermes collects data related to the following categories:

Technical information.

This category of Technical information includes:

  • Computer IP address and access time;
  • information about the link from which Internet site the user got to the resource Advertising Agency Hermes;
  • information about visited pages on the site Advertising Agency Hermes;
  • information about the links used on the site Advertising Agency Hermes;
  • information about viewing advertising banners;
  • information about the user's computer devices;
  • other technical information provided by the user's browser (device type, browser type and version, operating system, screen resolution, etc.);
  • mobile phone number when the user makes a call to the phone numbers indicated on the website.

Information required to access services

For the purpose of authenticating site users and confirming their actions, personalizing services, as well as for the delivery of goods and feedback from users, when registering on the site www.ra-germes.com. Advertising Agency Hermescollects the following information:

  • user's first and last name;
  • E-mail address;
  • phone number;
  • mailing address;
  • ip address;
  • cookies address;
  • usernames and passwords;
  • age;

Username and password information is required. Address information is mandatory only when using the delivery service. Other information (user name and surname, email address, telephone number, postal address and age) is optional and provided by the user at will.

Information about user actions

This category of information includes:

  • information about transactions between the user and Advertising Agency Hermes;
  • information about sent requests or appeals;
  • information about purchased goods and provided services (including information about delivery);
  • financial information (including payments made, credit card information, billing address, credit check results, and other similar financial information);
  • detailed information about agreements between the user and Advertising Agency Hermes;
  • information about contacts and messages;
  • data about the user's location (upon receipt of the user's direct consent for each case of providing such information).

Purposes of processing personal data

Advertising Agency Hermes carries out the processing of personal data for the purposes described in this Policy and / or in any additional provisions on the protection of privacy for specific services < SITE["SITE_NAME"]?>. When selling products and providing services - for the purpose of providing services, processing orders or other actions that may be required to fulfill obligations Advertising Agency Hermes To users, to ensure the functionality and safety of products and services, to confirm actions performed by the user, or to prevent and investigate cases of fraud and other abuse.
When developing products and services - in order to take into account the wishes of various categories of users. In this case, anonymized summary and statistical information is used. In order to prepare individual offers and provide the most suitable services for a specific user.

When carrying out feedback with users - in order to provide the user with information about products and / or services, in order to study the degree of satisfaction with the services Advertising Agency Hermes. For the purpose of conducting marketing research, for example, for conducting market research. In addition, some of the Advertising Agency Hermes Products and services may be used to promote the products and services of other companies. However, Advertising Agency Hermes Does not disclose personal information to such companies or any other companies for marketing purposes without the prior consent of the user.

Transfer of personal data

Advertising Agency Hermes does not transfer personal data of users to third parties, except for the following cases: Obtaining direct consent. Some services involve the transfer of personal data to other users of the services, for example, when the user publishes his materials or participates in the work of user communities Advertising Agency Hermes.
Mandatory disclosure. If there is a legal request from authorities or other third parties, for example, law enforcement agencies in the countries where the Advertising Agency Hermes Operates. Advertising Agency Hermes May, in compliance with applicable law, disclose and process personal data of users to protect legitimate interests Advertising Agency Hermes, For example, in the course of legal proceedings.

Mergers and acquisitions.

If a decision is made to sell, buy, merge or otherwise reorganize a business Advertising Agency Hermes In a particular country, it may be necessary to transfer personal data to potential or actual buyers and their consultants, or to obtain personal data from sellers and their consultants.

Use of Cookies and Web Beacons

When visiting Internet sites Advertising Agency Hermes, Information may be placed on the user's computer to identify the user's computer. This information is in the form of text files called “Cookies”. Cookies allow the collection of information about the user's computer, including the IP address, operating system, browser type and the addresses of referring sites. The site Advertising Agency Hermes Uses cookies to improve the services provided, in particular, to eliminate the need to enter a password during a session or re-add ordered products to the shopping cart if the user did not manage to complete the transaction in one visit. In addition, Cookies are used to analyze traffic on Internet sites and collect anonymized demographic data in order to improve our services. On some Internet sites, Advertising Agency Hermes Uses so-called web beacons (or “spot markers”). They are not used to identify the identity of specific users. Web beacons are graphical images that are placed on an Internet site and are used to count site visitors and / or access certain cookies. This information is used to improve the services Advertising Agency Hermes. Web beacons do not collect any information other than that provided by the user's browser over any standard Internet connection. The user can disable cookies and web beacons at any time, preventing tracking of his actions. At the same time, it remains possible to collect information about calls from the user's IP address, however, such information will become impersonal. When cookies are disabled, some of the services may become unavailable to the user.

User rights

In cases where the user wants to know what personal data he has Advertising Agency Hermes, Or to supplement, correct, anonymize or delete any incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data, or wants to stop processing his personal data for the purpose of sending advertising materials, direct marketing or market research, or has other compelling legal grounds, he may duly and in accordance with applicable law exercise such a right by contacting Advertising Agency Hermes at the address below. In some cases (especially if the user wants to delete his personal data or stop processing them) this may also mean the impossibility of further provision of services. Users are given the opportunity to manage their personal data using the profile management functions. In some cases, for example, when returning goods, it is required to record the personal data of the buyer, in particular, passport data. In these cases, the current legislation may establish the restrictions on the rights of users mentioned above.

Personal data administrator and contact information

The administrator of the personal data of users is Advertising Agency Hermes (Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, Obukhovskoy Oborony Ave., 138/2, letter A, room 1055).

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Advertising Agency Hermes reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy or change, modify or close access to the Company's Internet sites at any time, with or without notice. However, in the event of material changes to this Privacy Policy, Advertising Agency Hermes Will post a notice of such changes at the beginning of this document and on the home page of the Website. The duration of the notification is 30 days.

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