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  • How can I create a new topic?
    Just click on the button New Topic or on the link in the forum's or topic's window. Before sending a message you should register.
  • Can I use HTML code?
    Yes, if the administrator allows it. You can use only few tegs because using of some tegs can create problems. So, using of few tegs is forbidden to provide security. If HTML is ON you can OFF it while creating a message.
  • What are smiles?
    Smiles, or emotion icons are small pictures. Smiles can be used to express your feelings. For example, :) is joy, :( is sadness. You can find the list of smiles in the message creating form. But not use smiles very often or your message will be hard to read. In this case moderator could edit your message or delete it.
  • Why to register?
    It's not necessary to register. It depends on forum's settings. Administrator can allow you not to register to post messages.
  • How can I edit my settings?
    All your settings are storing in data base (if your are registered). To edit your settings go to the section Profile (the link is on top of the forum). In this section you can edit all your settings.